Have You Counted the Cost?

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Have You Counted the Cost?

Have You Counted the Cost?


For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it. Luke 14: 28

Family is a business and so is marriage. You must count the cost before getting into it. Note the word “build a tower”.  Family is built and marriage is the gateway. A great marriage is not built just by having good intentions but by being strategic. A good home does not just happen. Building requires application of knowledge, wisdom and sound judgement. This will mean you getting properly educated and trained on kingdom position required for family building. You cannot afford to build your marriage or family based on human ideas or philosophy. Human ideas have failed men and the evidence is seen in the huge number of wrecked marriages. It takes the requirement of the one who instituted marriage to keep it healthy and thriving together with your cooperation. This means only God can truly show us how to build right and build high in our marriages. This he does through his word. (Isaiah 48:17).

Most people will do all that is required including acquiring training, proper investment of time and money and a commitment to see that their business takes off properly and thrive. Very few people however view marriage and family as a business worth investing into or training for. This is where we fail. Marriage is beyond the ceremony and glamour of a wedding event, it is a commitment to behave right and act responsibly towards your spouse based on God’s prescription. The question is, are we trained and ready to take on those responsibilities?

Evaluate Yourself

  • Have you considered yourself in relation to the sacrifices involved in having a good marriage? Have you also considered the price you stand to pay if your marriage goes bad? Which is more expensive?
  • Take time to identify and outline those sacrifices you need to make, and then work out a plan to help you commit to achieving them on a day to day basis.
  • Write out a few good reasons why it is mandatory for you to make those sacrifices. If you don’t have good reasons for doing anything, it wouldn’t endure for a long time. It will crumble in the face of opposition and discouragement.
  • Determine to build relationship with couples who have a healthy relationship.


Lord, help me to see clearly my responsibilities towards my family and grant me grace to commit to it.

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