Working Out Your Prophecy

Working Out Your Prophecy

We are living in a period where God is releasing amazing prophetic moves of the Spirit. People are hungry for the voice of God that grants us access to our future in the now. But what do we do with the prophetic revelations God brings to us through His prophetic gifts & ministries? Nothing is as frustrating as having seen or heard of a future you cannot access, having a lot of prophetic word hanging over your head unfulfilled. I have seen what such frustration can do to people. It can be so disheartening because prophecies create an expectation for the future; it cast a fresh vision of your future before you. When it’s been delayed, it weakens your personal faith in God’s word to you because “hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when desire cometh, it is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13: 12. Whose fault then is it that your prophecies aren’t coming to pass? Is it God’s fault, the devil or your fault?

I just want to present to you simple and practical truths you could walk with to help you work out your prophecies. In simple terms I would define prophecies as words that carry divine energy and revelation of the future God has for us. Some prophecies can be self fulfilling with or without your cooperation but most prophecies require our cooperation for it to be fulfilled. It’s important that we understand the nature of the prophetic word released over our lives at different times so as to ascertain how to cooperate and align ourselves to the personal responsibilities it imposes on us. Once you receive a prophetic word, you must understand the prophetic protocol involved.

First things First

“We have a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:” 2 Peter 1:19 KJV

Just try to imagine walking into a tunnel where you are surrounded with darkness and suddenly your eyes catches a glimpse of light rays coming from afar off; what would be your natural reaction? You’ll be focused on that ray of light and probably you’ll start walking towards it until you fully approach the source of light. At that point nothing else would matter other than the light rays you are seeing. That ray of light receives your rapt attention in an environment that is clouded with obscurity. That ray of light becomes your hope, the source of your vision and you hold unto it until you get to the end of the road. That’s exactly the idea the scripture above is seeking to communicate to us. A prophetic word over your life sheds light to the dark areas of your destiny and you will do well to pay close attention to the details contained in it. For you to do this properly, you must learn to do a few things right:

  1. Learn to document your prophecies either in written form or audio format.

It’s not enough to hear your prophecy once and you think you got it all. I have noticed that lots of persons do not have the habit of documenting prophecies. In our Church, we made it a culture to document every prophetic word both personal and corporate and we ensure that the person being ministered to gets a copy of the personal prophecy after we have carefully examined the prophecy for authenticity. This also helps for accountability purposes.

Why Document Prophecies?

The scripture above says “do well that ye take heed” meaning pay very close attention. The prophetic word must be available to you for consistent playback in order for you to give it that kind of focus. That focus is intended to yield a definite result; God wants you to work the prophetic word beyond your head down into your heart – the seat of conviction. You must become a custodian of the destiny contained in your prophecy first within your heart. The revelation in the prophecy must be engrafted into your spiritual DNA and possess you to the point that you can literarily see it, breathe it and live it. It becomes the substance of the future hoped for.

  1. Learn to look for strategic details in the prophecy

As you listen to the prophetic word what do you look out for? You must look for:

  • Clear directives that will activate the prophecy: It could be an activity such as sowing a seed faith, a prophetic act of faith, a sacrifice, times of fasting and consecration, separation from a habit or lifestyle, relocation etc. These are all what forms part of the prophetic protocol for the fulfilment of that prophecy. Why would a prophecy come to pass if you do not have the faith to believe and act on the action required for its fulfilment?
  • Look out for hidden implications of the truth spoken in the prophetic word. Some year back, I received some prophetic words indicating that I would be travelling out of the country for ministry quite often and back then we had just pioneered a young Church in Nigeria. It would have been foolish for me to run off with any ministry open door just because of the prophecy. The hidden implication in that prophecy was that I needed to place much emphasis on training people who would take charge of leadership. I had to fast track leadership development. Without doing this, if I travelled out for a long time, the Church will close up before I get back. Prophecies always have some hidden implications that must be discerned by wisdom.
  • Design your warfare strategy because the moment a prophetic word is released over you, both angels and demons hear those words and they also respond to your prophecies. Demons want it stopped or delayed, Holy angels want it fulfilled. The prophetic word once it is released places us in a prophetic process which is a journey that would demand some warfare, trials of faith, tests of obedience and sacrifices. Your warfare in the fulfilment of your prophecy is not just about the devil opposing you but it involves your untamed desires, cravings, ambitions fighting to take you out of your prophetic course while you fight back to stay on track through the exercise of patience, self control, faith, consistency etc. Warfare is your persistence in aligning yourself with God regarding the prophetic word in both your actions and attitude come hell and high waters.
  1. You must discern your time/season of prophetic fulfilment. Every prophetic word is scheduled by God to be fulfilled at a particular time and season. It’s your responsibility to develop your discerning ability so that you can accurately discern when you have stepped into the time/season of the manifestation of your prophetic word. In Daniel 9: 1 – 4, Daniel understood by books, the time for the fulfilment of the prophetic word given to Israel and so he engaged in the relevant actions required to activate it. In Gen 15: 13, 14, God prophesied to Abram that his descendants would be in bondage for 400yrs but in Exodus 12: 40 and 41 we see that they spent 430yrs in bondage. This is because nobody understood the times/season appointed for the fulfilment of their prophecy and as a result nothing was done about it. This brought in delays.


  1. Meditate on the prophetic word and decree it consistently. Nobody will do this for you. It is your responsibility. Make the content of your prophetic word the basis of your decrees in prayer. This is an expression of your agreement with God. The more you decree it, the forces of heaven are mobilized to take sides with you and support the fulfilment of that word.

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