What Kind Of Influence Do You have On Your Spouse?

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What Kind Of Influence Do You have On Your Spouse?

What Kind Of Influence Do You have On Your Spouse?
As iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.   Proverbs 27:17

The analogy of iron sharpening iron is so powerful. Iron is a metal with unique properties. Metal cannot sharpen wood, aluminium or copper. Trying to achieve this will damage the nature of the other.

The point to consider here is that the other iron is probably blunt and needs sharpening to be in top shape in order to function maximally. Your spouse may need some sharpening but do you really have a sharpening effect on him or her or do you have a dampening effect? You may be the one who need some sharpening but would you be humble and meek enough to allow your spouse sharpen you and not feel embarrassed or intimidated? The sharpening process is not always a smooth one. Some particles (part of you that isn’t relevant to the relationship) will have to be filed out. Remember the unique qualities of iron. It is lustre (has a glowing effect), malleable (capable of being shaped by pressure), magnetic (has ability to attract) and ductile (capable of being readily persuaded).

Do you have these qualities in you? Would you allow these qualities to influence your attitude and the manner in which you relate with your spouse?

Evaluate Yourself

  • Review the kind of influence you’ve had over your spouse. Is it positive or negative? Decide to change your influence if it is negative.
  • What are the good qualities you have that can bless your spouse? Carefully outline them and think of how best to those qualities help your spouse become better.
  • Do you feel embarrassed or intimidated anytime your spouse tries to challenge you to rise up to a better you?
  • Carefully find out why you feel that way and deal with it so it does not create a barrier to your ability to become a better you.


Lord, I receive grace to be a positive influence to my spouse never to pull down, always ready to build up

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