Know When To Walk Away

Know When To Walk Away

Wisdom is better than weapons of war. (Ecclesiastes 9:18

This Week’s Devotional

Bullies – every school has them. They’re the ones who pick fights just because they can. And typically win because they’re accustomed to fighting. A bully will always tell you they fight because they can win. Although it’s hard to argue with this philosophy (and if you do you might regret it!), it’s not a philosophy that works well in all of life’s situation. It’s one thing to have truth on your side, even when you know you can win. It’s another to win, however to have discretion to know when confronting your spouse or some family members over an issue is the best option. Most fights can be avoided if only we know when to walk away and we are willing to do so. When only our preferences are at stake, then it’s okay to walk away. This does not portray weakness rather it shows wisdom and maturity.
Most fights can be ignored altogether especially when our popularity is at stake. But some causes are worth defending. When God’s principles are at stake, we must be willing to take a stand especially when you are being compelled to compromise the truth of God’s word. Before we insist on picking up a fight, you may be to exhausted to enjoy the victory. Your victory may just be the beginning of another war. Will you be ready to continue the fight? Remember, there’s always at time to play the fool and walk away. This is wisdom.

Evaluate Yourself & Take Action

  •  Do you really ask yourself why you are in a flight with your spouse? Is your reason all about you? If yes, then it’s probably not worth it when it wouldn’t benefit the entire family. It’s time to walk away from that argument.
  • Does picking up a fight strengthen your relationship or creates a relational bridge? Explore other healthy options. There are lot’s of them.


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