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Our Vision

  • To help people discover the gifts and purpose they are designed by God to walk in, train and release them to function in those gifts and purposes.
  • To restore confidence, restore the covering of Christ and give identity to the life and ministry of young people through apostolic fathering.
  • To raise an apostolic people to establish the government of Christ and occupy different spheres of influence.
  • To reconcile broken homes and establish deliverance in marriages and families.
  • To raise men and women who will build families that affirm kingdom family values and priorities; families that are strong and stable where the man is repositioned to function in true headship.
  • To engage in social works, community development, child welfare programs geared towards societal transformation.
  • To establish educational centres and programs that will be established in kingdom principles and practices that will redefine educational and moral values for our generation and the next.